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Children with Down syndrome learn, grow and develop much like all children.

It is a misconception that an individual with Down syndrome cannot function in our society. It is simply not true. People with Down syndrome enjoy hobbies, they go out independently, they marry and may even be gainfully employed. Though their developmental potential will vary, individuals with Down syndrome lead happy and full lives, surrounded by people they love. Every child accomplishes milestones at different stages, including children with Down syndrome. The ‘'speed'’ of performance is less important; rather you should be confident knowing that your child will soon realize their potential.

Not Much Different






First Word

Two-Word Phrases

Finger Feeding

Drinking From Cup

Using A Spoon

Bowel Control

Dressing Unassisted

4-8 Months

5-32 Months

5-14 Months

8-24 Months

8-19 Months

1-4 Years

8-20 Months

1-4.5 Years

10-30 Months

1-5 Years

7-15 Months

11-24 Months

10-20 Months

14-36 Months

12-24 Months

15-36 Months

16-48 Months

2.5-7 Years

4-5 Years

5-9.5 Years

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12-36 Months

1.5-8 Years


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